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Experience Essentials: Commerce

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A quick-start guide to growing your digital business.

Jasmine had a virtual work event in three days – and nothing in her wardrobe seemed right. She started shopping online and found a blouse she liked. But she couldn’t figure out if the item was in stock at a store near her. With just a few days until the event, she couldn’t risk ordering online and not having it arrive in time. In continuing her search, Jasmine found the same blouse at a different retailer’s site. Not only could she quickly see that it was in stock at a store nearby, but she could also reserve it in her size and get kerbside pickup.

The next day, when she arrived at the retailer’s local store, a sales rep brought the blouse right to Jasmine’s car – the colour and sizing were just as she expected. The sales representative even picked out a few accessories to pull the look together. Jasmine purchased all the items and was pleased with the overall experience.

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