KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass

KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass

How to Select the Right Customer Identity Management Solution

Customer experience is the top priority for consumer-facing organizations today and it all starts with identity. Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) enables you to acquire customers faster, deliver great experiences, and protect customer data at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Whether you’re new to CIAM or your existing solution can no longer scale to support new use cases, choosing the right solution for your business can be daunting — but it doesn’t have to be.

Download this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass CIAM Platforms report to learn:

  • Top use cases, required capabilities, and key criteria to consider when evaluating a CIAM solution.
  • Market, product, and innovation analysis of CIAM vendors, including ForgeRock, Okta, Ping, Microsoft, and others.
  • Why ForgeRock is an overall CIAM leader in all categories including product, innovation and market.

“CIAM systems must be able to manage many millions to even billions of identities, and process potentially tens of billions of logins and other transactions per day.” – John Tolbert, Lead Analyst and Managing Director, KuppingerCole

ForgeRock scored the highest ratings across all five product categories of security, functionality, interoperability, usability, and deployment.

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