White House Aims to Shift Cybersecurity Burden to Tech Providers

The White House announced its much-awaited National Cyber Strategy. It provides a road map for how the White House administration aims to defend the USA from an increasing number of online threats.

A key element of the new strategy consists of shifting the cybersecurity burden from individuals, local governments, and small businesses to software developers, tech providers, and other institutions with the essential resources and expertise.

National Cyber Director Kemba Walden said, “The president’s strategy fundamentally reimagines America’s cyber social contract. It will rebalance the responsibility for managing cyber risk onto those who are most able to bear it.”

Walden further added, “The biggest, most capable, and well-positioned actors in our digital ecosystem can and should shoulder a greater share of the burden for managing cyber risk and keeping us all safe. Laying responsibility on individuals and groups who lack the resources to protect themselves is both unfair and ineffective.”

The legislation establishes liability for software makers and tech providers, which fail to take necessary precautionary measures to secure their services and products.

The purpose of the legislation is to push tech providers to securely develop and maintain their software and tech products and services.