The Workers’ Experience: Education

Survey reveals the importance of technology to spur productivity, boost motivation and deepen engagement for Education industry professionals.

In the Education industry, results matter. Quality education is vital for developing critical skills and achieving life goals. To that end, educators strive for the richest learning experiences through innovative teaching methods supported by advanced technology. At the same time, Education is constrained by budgets that are often taxpayer-funded and are therefore under relentless scrutiny. Educational institutions must deliver results, but always within time and funding constraints.

With these goals and challenges, Education remains an interpersonal endeavor for which a skilled, motivated, engaged and effective workforce is required to perform well across three vectors:

• Productivity. Teachers must impart knowledge to as many students as possible in a limited amount of time; administrators must work efficiently; and institutions should be open to new educational approaches that enhance learning.

• Collaboration. Faculty and students must communicate on a two-way street, while administrators must interact with not only educators and students, but also with parents, government officials agencies and funding sources.

• Security. Regulatory requirements such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protect the privacy of student records. Proprietary institutional information and sensitive research data also must be protected.

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