The Perfect Storm: Why MDR is Your Only Option in Modern Cybersecurity

Now, for most medium-sized companies and organizations, it’s almost impossible. Distributed workforces have exploded thanks to increased work-from-home policies. Threat envelopes have expanded 1000X. An open marketplace for hacking tools on the dark web means attacks are up 40%. In response, the average mid-sized company has bought too many tools that don’t work together, aren’t updated, and can’t be managed. And most IT teams don’t even have line-of-sight governance capability on 10–20% of the computing equipment their colleagues in finance, marketing, and other teams actually use.

The solution is not to work your CISOs to the bone. Nor is it to overburden the already busy IT staff you have. Plus, while workforce security education is critically important, mistakes are going to happen. The solution is cloud-based MDR backed by world-class anomaly detection that uses machine learning to scan and understand your network. That means trained cybersecurity professionals on the job 24x7x365 who are responding only to incidents that have a high probability of not being false alarms. No human can sort through the millions of network accesses and lines in logfiles that companies generate just by doing business as usual. But only trained humans can make the right moves quickly enough to stop attackers and limit access. Managed detection and response powered by AI and operated by humans offers the best chance CISOs have to secure their companies’ key data and systems. And to facilitate what IT is supposed to deliver: enabling organizations to do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently.

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