Apple Increases Iphone Battery Replacement Fees By $20

Out-of-warranty iPhone holders will soon have to pay more to change their batteries at an Apple store, as expressed by Apple in this week.

From 1st March, battery replacement cost of all older iPhones that were released before 2022 will increase by $20, Apple said on its website. Presently, iPhone 13 owners pay $69 for a new battery but from March onwards Apple will charge $89.

This hike in Battery price will be applicable to older iPhones, MacBook laptops, some iPads, etc.

The iPhone 14 batteries will be replaced at $99 after the expiration of warranty period of iPhone 14 models.

This move shows that Apple is still modifying costs in response to higher prices for labor and parts. Apple expressed previous year that inflation is the reason behind increased prices in its products.

Changes in the cost of battery replacement have affected the sales of iPhone in the past.

In 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned in a letter to investors that the battery replacements at $29 as one reason for lower-than-anticipated sales of iPhone at that time.

The current increase in battery replacement price may prompt people to purchase a new model instead of going for replacement of the battery.